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The Newest NBA Video Game 2K10

 投稿者:lixiaoming59メール  投稿日:2010年 5月26日(水)11時31分19秒

Published by 2K Sports, NBA 2K series march formally toward its tenth anniversary. Women in Zaragoza all Love to Wear pandora jewellery Kobe Bryant, as the leading star of Los Angeles Lakers, is invited to serve as cover spokesman of the newest NBA 2K10. Kobe Bryant won his fourth championship ring and NBA Finals MVP. He will appear to have fun with fans in the game with his championship ring.The Charm You Can not Snub - discount pandora beads

2K Sports especially invites the Houston Rockets player, James White, who is one of the strongest dunker of the NBA history to involve in the production in NBA 2K10. It's simply too easy for him to jump from free throw line and make a between-two-leg dunk, making 2K development team invite him to do some highly difficult dunk actions. White must perform many kinds of actions of dunk. The game designing team will film them to create movies or photos. Designing various motion of dunk in the game, even including the never-appeared picture of take-off free-throw line dunk can increase the sense of entertainment in the game.

The game players can obviously view the NBA Today Information from the main menu which includes the real NBA game situations and even news, player data and so on. "NBA Today" not only informs game players the latest NBA news, but also be extended to various modes. "NBA Today" will also affect the commentator of the game, Clark Kellogg's performance. For example, before the All-Star game starts, you will hear Clark Kellogg and other critics discussing who can be the starter in your team. They even talk about the chance of your team to break into the playoffs, or other aspects' topics.

Beside that, the game designers will continuesly update the teams and players' information including rotation lineup, starter changes, transactions, injuries and players' data, etc. And the only thing the players need do is to tracing the changes during the whole season.

The biggest development of NBA 2K10 is the single career mode. Game Players can create your player, deciding the direction of his career, training him from the beginning of his career as an unknown rookie. The process of getting the possible invitation of NBA Training Camp to be a superstar will be a long-time and difficult challenge.

http://<P>The American writer Mark Twain once said, "God firstly created Mauritius, and then created the Garden of Eden. Believ


Mauritius, a Miniature of Heavenly Home

 投稿者:lixiaoming59メール  投稿日:2010年 5月26日(水)11時29分8秒

The American writer Mark Twain once said, "God firstly created Mauritius, and then created the Garden of Eden. Believe it or not, links of london charms is My Mother's Favorite!" On the map of Africa, move eastwards along the edge of Madagascar, there is a petty point known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, which is the island nation called Mauritius.What is the Best For this Year? Blue links of london charms Absolutely!

There are no aboriginals in this island country, where English, French, and Creole are popular languages, and inhabitants with Chinese origins account for 5% of the total population. On the Virgin Mary Hill of Memorial hall can overlook the panorama of capital Port Louis, you can find the temples of Catholicism, Christianity, Islam, and Buddhist being apart right closely.links of london Rule for Winter 2010

The pubs are built facing the sea and they stretch continuously beyond along the coastal. Every guest room can enjoy the seascape. Ocean is outside of the window, while under the ocean, some are sands, some are coral, and others are reef, so the ocean seems having many layers of colors. Seen on the open-air corridor, it is another kind of scenery: in the close place, coconut palms, palm trees and other tropical plants are around, large sugarcane fields are behind and distant mountains are foiled under the blue sky and white clouds. Coming to Mauritius, swim suit is a necessary. On white beach, lying on the couch under the arbor with mushrooms-shape grass top, you can feel the oasis of serenity that sunshine is touching your skins. You can also play on board or pry taxiing near the hotel. Wearing light diving equipment, you can undertake seabed exploration, colorful fish flit often and the colorful corals wave frequently. If you are lucky enough, you can still see the boat skeleton slumbered at the bottom of the sea since the 17th century.

On the inland of Mauritius, there are forests, plateaus, lakes, gorges and waterfalls. Jim than the market in the central tableland is the roost of high-level stores and restaurants in the land. New and old urban areas are only separated by one street. There are the highest valleys and the oldest tropical trees of the island, a cascade up to 100 meters and a quiet lake with mysterious colors. On the torrential Black River Hill located in southwest coast of Mauritius, there is a spectacle Cha Maria seven-colored dune formed by volcanic ashes. It is said that even if mixing the soil of different colors again after turnover the earth, it will recover the original condition after rainfall.

The life here is a piece of eclogue, neither dull nor adagio all the time. Various cultures, food, music and custom join here so as to attract visitors. You must have a taste of DhollPurri if possible, it is a kind of thin cake made from wheat, and ketchup is inside it. You will indulge in the after-taste of one bite. In Mauritius, 90% of arable land is planted with sugar cane. Visitors can visit the old sugar workshops and tast sugar cane rum brew.

The deep sea, the beautiful coral reef, the bright sunshine, the continuous sand and the bushy virgin forest, all these beauties of Mauritius are waiting for foreign traveler's coming and start an exploratory travel in the original Garden of Eden.

http://<P>The American writer Mark Twain once said, "God firstly created Mauritius, and then created the Garden of Eden. Believ


Dead Ends of Fitness That Would Be Easily Neglected

 投稿者:lixiaoming59メール  投稿日:2010年 5月25日(火)16時52分2秒

People, who don't have serious illness or fall ill frequently, think they must be healthy. Entrancing links of london charms Gifts for Mom Actually, there are lots of corners of health that you don`t discovered in the life. 5 Principles You should Break

Such as, eating the fruits inappropriately. Most people choose fruit which they like. But many people do not know that different fruits contain different nutrients for human of different occupations to eat.

Reject all kinds of snacks. Snack is for children to eat. In fact, the view that eating snacks will affect the normal three meals is a bit one-sided. Our daily meals, especially breakfast and lunch, always done in a hurry or too simple and often fail to meet our physical needs, Therefore, apart from three meals a day, it is necessary to add some healthy snacks especially between breakfast and lunch, which can make our bodies always stay healthy.

The skin problems of the people who use computers for a long-term time. Dry skin, thickened pores, outside small acnes, dry eyes, dark pouches are formed and become worse and so on, all of these are the pathological performance of skin. Computer-generated radiation harm the skin and eyes, which leads to dry eyes, the generation of dark pouches which become worse, dry skin, The radiation can also lead to light sensitive dermatoses, that is, the appearance of small roseolas and erythemas.

Long-term constipation Constipation means people relieve nature less than three times a week. Many people think that constipation means 'not going at all'. Medically speaking, however, constipation is when the stools are hard and being passed less often than they usually are. Although the short-term constipation does not mean gastrointestinal anomalies, if the phenomenon of constipation continues for more than three weeks, you should go to see a doctor as soon as possible. The U.S medical experts found that the breast cancer has a great relationship with the constipation, through the detection of more than 1,000 women. So, do not underestimate the constipation, it may be a big problem.


Recommendation of Classic Songs ONE

 投稿者:lixiaoming59メール  投稿日:2010年 5月25日(火)16時51分38秒

1. pandora jewellery Also Turn into the Luxurious that are Affordable by Common People Don't cry - Guns n 'roses. Really?! Blanchette Wear links of london charms in Shindy! This song has made millions of people cry. Get Ready Fast [ Quick and Easy Tips for links of london charms It is always able to touch the softest place of the heart. the heart is lancinating, eye socket turned red, but no tears leaking, each time to listen to this song one more attachment will be...

Second, fade to black-matallic,metal bands also have many classic songs, beleving many people listen this song then to learn the guitar! That is the most classical one in the METALLICA's classic, and also the works that received different comments, for at that time there is fan who suicided because of it.

3. Dreaming my dream-Cranberries. It is cold and glamorous, but it talks about the changes and the eternity of humans. Cranberries drew the immense temperament of spirit and legend, linked up the beauty between the world and sky, and put the tale, love, history, death, society into the drifting and vivid female voice.

4. dying in the sun--cranberries, repeating this song in its short circuitous tune and lyric. Lying mistily in such kind of songs and hoping sleep to death in the sun...

5. Never grow old-Cranberries. People always say how time flies. After heard this song, you will have a feeling of fiddle about doing nothing day by day! Maybe this song will enlighten you.

6. far away from home--groove coverage. The German new band, the song has been regarded as the essence of heritage by masses of well-known DJ. 7. knocking on heaven's door--guns n' roses. the cover edition sung by Avril and gun roses all give people a fresh feeling.

8. "imagine"-- john lennon. John Lennon is the soul mate in the world's most successful band "Bettles". The vioce sounds like vaticinator' s prayer, and the song lyric are still pigheaded ideal, Perhaps the desire of Lennon was too absolute and too pure. But as a dream, Haven`t you had one before?


The Prince Of William Is Going To Be Married In 2012

 投稿者:lixiaoming59メール  投稿日:2010年 5月25日(火)16時51分4秒

27 years old Prince William, son of England crown prince Charles, has been in love with his girlfriend Kate Middleton, the same age as him, six years already. It is revealed that obviously Prince Charles is planning to announce his engagement with Kate after the flying training of British Royal Air Force, and hold his big wedding during the Londong Olympic Games in the summer of 2012. Because in 2012 will also is the Queen Elizabeth II ascends the throne 60th anniversary [diamond great celebration", the wedding of prince to the British royal court and even the entire Britain, is the great news[Three biggest pleased affair" !Popular Things about your Classy discount pandora beads

It is more remarkable is that Prince William will most likely be to hold a grand "Olympic wedding" during the Olympic Games in London in the summer of 2012, formally married to his "civilian Princess"! There's news that in 2012, William will be 30 years old which is also the year he wants to get married. Currently, Prince William's close friends are betting on whether he is going to hold the wedding ceremony in the year of 2012. Some senior royals are discussing the matter, it was said by a royal: " The wedding program is not yet a final decision, the final wedding programmes have not been decided now if Prince William and Kate get married in 2012."Buy Most Magnificent discount pandora beads for Yourself!

It is reported that in 2012 William is 30 years old, which is he intend married age , therefore the present Prince William's close friends already started on him in 2012 to hold wedding this possibility to carry on make a bet, but in the royal court some higher members are discussing this matters concerned. The coincidence is that besides the London Olympic Gamens in 2012, British will also have a "diamond celebration".the 60th annivasary of Queen Elizabeth II'accession. There is no doubt that Prince William will also join in the fun if the wedding is hold in 2012, the wedding means the biggest news of the three blessing news to the British royal family and the whole United Kingdom!

Undoubtedly, if Williams hold ceremony in 2012 too, it is a big good news for royal family and Britain because it is of three blessing. One insider revealed that Queen insists to stagger the time of the celebration of her 60th anniversary for ascending the throne and the London Olympics at the end of July so that her grandson, William, will have enough time to prepare for the wedding in 2012.

The Queen showed secrectly that she will be very happy if the wedding hold during her 60th anniversary ceremony. So she intends to transfer many of her affairs to her children as well as Prince William and Prince Harry. There was presumption before that Prince Williams would hold wedding in 2011, unfortunately Prince Williams will finish his RAF flying training at that time. And he will serve as a search and rescue pilot at one Air Force department in the United Kingdom, which is his biggest wish since childhood.

However, if the wedding is postponed until 2012, everything will be perfect - As a result, Prince William can have more than one year to satisfy his craving to be a full pilot, and then involve himself wholly in marriage and the royal family at work The royal insiders revealed that since 2011, William has to spend most time on working. Therefore, 2012 will be the best time for William and Kate to show on stage as Future King and future queen. Insiders disclose that the wedding is likely to be held in St. Pauls Catherdral. Coincidently, 28 years ago in July of 1981, William`s father held the "Century Wedding" here with princess Diana which is envied by the whole world.

Royal expert Bark said " at that time millions of people watches that big ceremony on TV. William's marriage will must be much bigger than his father's." Royal expert Buck said, "At that time, millions of people around the world watched the Princess Diana's wedding through TV." But when Willam's wedding can only be more magnificent than that. Because this will be the wedding for a future King and a true love story would start there.


Ten Good Practices For Excellent Men

 投稿者:lixiaoming59メール  投稿日:2010年 5月24日(月)15時13分10秒

1. Know how to be a man: being of high moral is the standing of the success. Being a man well, someone will like you, being willing to cooperate with you, and it will of course make it easier to succeed. Being used to sincerely appreciating the merits of others, treat others with honesty, integrity, justice, kindness and tolerance, and express our deep concern and interest in the life, work of others. 2. Do well in decision-making: the value of a successful business leader lies in "do the right things," while helping all sectors of the supervisor to "do the things right" at the same time.links of london charms Boots Before April Fools' Day

The management plan varies with the constantly changing market. The New links of london for Summer Strategies call for analysis and comparison of all kinds of plans and ultimately the best plan can be made. Have On Highest Series of discount pandora beads 3. How to NOT Wear pandora : Plain Tricks Believing yourself. Whos Most Gorgeous of Them All? pandora ! A success man always has strong self-confidence, and sometimes may seem a littlt agressive. He will not only believe himself in mind, and show it out in public as well. The research of the Science of Success shows: creating and possessing the sources of wealth are the desires of success. Grove thinks that "only the monomaniacs can survive". Adherence and confidence have contributed to Intel's present success. 4. Clear objectives: a more perfect successful person used to establish goals for their enterprise,and to make all staff be diligent and dedicate. What is leadership? World top master of management, Bennis defines it as: "Create goals and visions which will be pursued by staff members, turn it into an action of everyone, and accomplish or achieve the pursued visions or goals."

Fifth, to be passionate. Passion, for a leader, sometimes is something more important than abilities. Of course, a leader who is both passionate and talented will be a conqueror everywhere. One of the methods to yield lasting passion is to set a goal. Try to achieve the goal, after achieved the goal, creat another and try to achieve it again. 6. Indomitable spirit: If there is a quality that almost all successful business leaders possess is indomitable spirit.

The so-called perseverance, is not the stubbornness to the point of stupid, it is a spirit of determination to achieve results. 7. Focus on talents: The best asset of an enterprise is its human resources while the merit of business leaders lies in the selection of good partners. Selecting a suitable person is more important than selecting an excellent person.

In addition to the professional qualities, they should take three factors into consideration when selecting people: First, to be energetic. The second is to be honest. When considering personal interests, should be able to take into account the interests of the company. Third, is to have wisdom and courage, and to have the ability and courage to think. 8. Full authorization: A good leader knows that the true means of authorization is the ability to give people the responsibility and give strong rights and to ensure that there is a good report of the feedback system. The former president of the USA Reagan is typical of laisser-faire. He only cared about the most important matters and allocated other things to his subordinates so that he could often play the ball and go on holiday without preventing him becoming one of the greatest presidents in American history.

9. Cheer up the team: a business leader must be a man who can inspire employee. Organizing a good team, is a very difficult and important problem. Arouse their enthusiasm and dig each teammate's wisdom and potential ability, and make them combine harmony, that's a necessary ability for a successful leader.


Jay Sean Scored in Billboard Suspended Black Eyed Peas' Vict

 投稿者:lixiaoming59メール  投稿日:2010年 5月19日(水)10時58分15秒

As we ecpected, the solo "Down" of Jay Sean and Lil Wayne became the winner of Hot100 Billboard this week, and beat Black Eyed Peas' solo "I Gotta Feeling" successfully. To Admire the New Classic links of london of Paris Hilton Before that, Black Eyed Peas has kept the victory on the top position of Hot 100 list for continuing 26 weeks by 2 songs, which has broken the record by Usher. Usher has kept 19-week victory in 2004. "I Gotta Feeling" fell to No.5 this week, which is the solo that descended most since Coldplay on July 5th 2008(from the 1st to the 6th.You Should Remember 9 Points of pandora

After Black Eyed Peas gave the first place away, there were some tiny defferences in the rank of Hot100 Billboard this week. The Right time to Look Great With, The Best discount pandora beads to Enjoy Party In The U. 3 Accounts that May Bring Abrasion to Your Designer links of london S.A by Disney child star Miley Cyrus has got the second place from the third position for this week. At the same time in the Hot 100 list, this song has moved up from 12 to 9 and entered into the Top 10.10 Reasons for You to Buy discount pandora beads

"Run This Town" cooperated by Jay-Z ,the Hip-Hop super star , Rihanna and Kanye West ranking in the third place, advanced one step this week. Whatcha Say, the first song by Jason DeRulo also receives great result this week by moving from 5th in last week to the fourth place. Paparazzi of American popular star Lady GaGa was elected the single which had the highest clicked rate for two weeks. It rose to the sixth from the seventh of last week. You Belong With Me of popular star of country Taylor Swift had fallen to the seventh. It is the sixth last week.

Maria Cary's new solo "Obsessed" ranked the 8th place, one more step compared with last week. Use Somebody from Kings of Leon ranks for the ninth place, going down for one place from last week. "Empire State Of Mind" from Jay-Z and Alicia Keys stayed in the 10th place, the same as last week.


Ideas of Saving Money of Americans

 投稿者:lixiaoming59メール  投稿日:2010年 5月19日(水)10時57分45秒

The Americans who have been used to anticipating earnings can "dig out" more or less from consumption. In the past, American registered financial planner Joseph drank DrPepper each day, but now he has changed this habit. Therefore, after one month, he can save a total of 130 U.S. dollars, and then after one year, he can save 1560 U.S. dollars.Birthday Gift Ideas for Ladies

Besides saving money in eating, Americans will shorten 5 minutes of bath time everyday. Why Shop links of london for Firefighters Generally speaking, a 10-minute shower costs about 25 gallons of water (suppose the shower nozzle sprays 2. Must-Own links of london at Great Price5 gallons of water per minute. The Trend Bible to links of london charms Alternatives) {P6}> Compared with it, 15-minute bath need consume about 37.5 gallon water, and the cost of water and electricity is 85 cents, so there will be over 310 dollars in a year. Therefore, if one decreases 5mins for shower, he can save 102 dollars a year. According to the figure calculated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, people can save up to 125 US dollars a year by adjusting domestic hot-water heater preset temperature from 140 Fahrenheit to 120 Fahrenheit. If you use gas heater, then in a year, you will save 75 dollars.

{P11}> Suppose gasoline price is about 4.07 dollars evey gallon and 30 miles a day home and out the standard size car or SUV fuel consumption is 1 gallon each 15 miles. Actually, the petrol prices in many other areas are higher than the price here, and the prices won't remain at same level. If you go to work on your colleague's car from home or halfway once a week, you can save 8.14 US dollars for a week and over 400 US dollars for one year. Many Americans, neighbors or colleagues, would go car-sharing everyday. This is both economic and environment-friendly. The Americans also propose to use public transport means, drive fewer times each week and turn to the public buses for going to work.

Reduce the shopping frequency to save gasoline. Due to rising oil prices in the United States, someone gives up the plan of driving to another state for travel. Some people began to consider the use of public transport and others reduced various of gatherings. Even the rising of gasoline decline customers` frequency to shopping at Wal-Mart, but their numbers of shopping add every time. The reason is that people try their best to cut down the times of out, to save gasoline money, so, commonly many customers buy one or weeks` essential articles back in one time.


To Have a Look at Luminous Bridal Makeup In the Winter

 投稿者:lixiaoming59メール  投稿日:2010年 5月 7日(金)14時30分58秒

Every bride hope to have a perfect wedding. It is very important about   whether the makeup on the wedding matches the dress and the atmosphere. So if   there is time, every bride-to-be may as well try more than one replenish   make-ups so as to select the perfect one most suitable to yourself. Here I would   like to recommend several make-ups with different styles so as to make rich of   their choices. The sexy and glamorous bridal makeup will also perfectly set off   the charm and beauty of the brides in spite of the simple style.5 Hot links of london Rage in February

Korean Retro Wedding Make-up The Korean bridal makeup with a little feeling   of vintage will make you more fashionable with the feeling of vintage. Whos   Most Popular of Them All? pandora ! And this style of makeup   can be light and elegant with the coordination of fashionable hairstyle, and the   makeup can also be heavy and lively with the coordination of a simple and decent   hairstyle. Special elegant grace bride make up. Unique, noble and elegant bride   make-up displays your sweet and fresh features, like a flower pixie befalling on   earth. It is the dream of every girl to wear wedding dress in the happiest day.   Have a beautiful bride make up and leave a great memory with Mr. Right.discount   pandora beads , The Best White Day Ornaments for Lovers

Wedding dress contains all good yearnings a woman had on love and marriage   before. The day in high spirit cannot do without charming bride make-up. The   trends of bride make-up in autumn and winter The trend of bridal makeup in this   autumn and winter not only takes over the original soft and gentle style, but   has its beauty of personality. The nude makeup is fresh and elegant like wind.   Do you want to use luxurious Wei Xun's makeup face showing neo-classical style   or content advocating simplicity and highly urban style? Make the most stylistic   yourself up in the most enticing season while catching the very essence of the   fashion trend, be it the luxury and intoxicated gold, the elegant and icy-beauty   purple, or the gentle and refreshing pink.Hey Secretaries! Keep Away from links of london !

Wear light beautiful wedding, you show to all people in the most beautiful   gesture, which must be desire in the hearts of the bride girls. Never consider   marriage an easy thing. Not to metion anything else, only on the wedding day,   the brides-to-be have to prepare for it for several days. You should think of   all the details and procedures, especially makeup, because you will become the   most beautiful woman. Bare make - up of skin with natural texture



 投稿者:lixiaoming59メール  投稿日:2010年 5月 6日(木)12時05分49秒
ミgト#12539;セt?ノ醯p>?オ「fキアテ{ケネ#12539;ツ。ニワマ入Oカマラhシ#12539;マ」サユカマメッオo・ンSツ?盗|エhマ鈔ニロ㈱ョョ慣ィ・オ靹マ猩ウmシ籏h?〃ユ晶u。」?マ。オヘ贐ニロ?fメマオヘ??ラh・オヘホgアヘラhイュ巷ロユクホケマエ・チホ巧シナチ#12539;テ峇ュ?ワソケクフ」キアシホネ┨ルオ」?ソエユリケクフ#12539;カル鮨Oカマカフ猩コ淹ヒ]・メ惇ャ・ミJラhロ゚セラ巧?・スrザセ蕊ェjob.Draw?fヘォ?スェ?堺ユラシー?・london" href="http://www.coolinks.co.uk/">エネォソ。ラh </ p>

エメクゥスォヤ#12539;テシカィラhケクフ#12539;オヘハマソ゚・オヘラh賦ミオケクフ鴇ナ袮h・ハチ庶イナクD娃」ンdクサ猩?fオ「カィ?Πラhラヨハマ・オヘメケケク捷。」セラセ#12539;テチナ郛ナラhネンア#12539;オヘハマ・ニロ贐セt?ワソケクフ」キアカマ頗゚Mタムモ?fヌェラhヤ繚ヘ・サユカマカフ猩蟾ケ釉ミラhスォケホ。」ネ?閭挟ュラヨハマ・ホgアェラh巷ル鮃邊ナソ゚貔トIシナ・カマモ辜L戒Πノナ・女タムミリニロМヤ繚ヘ。」</ p>

オテフ・・下?f猩ト獸hケクフ繚ヘ・fキア捷ヤニハマユxニロ伽莠゚ウ提?ムモ。」テレ羈オヘホッ?fカエラhヤ繚ヘナケコヘオヘラh纂砒イナイ#12539;オヘミチ狗゙xルYル緒V。」オヘケムコッナ蜿轄Iト#12539;オヘ?コヘ?fホ?ソトクエhイ#12539;??ヤュリ恍チ狗クY・ラh。」オ「ンxオヘ瞽ヌェラVイヘラh゜ル魎ナムラ・ア髢佻wチムヘァトhセーチユルnカエラhヤ繚ヘ・テレ羈ヘ内ヘノラヨナラhマノ。」</ p>

ヤニロ゚セラヌ#12539;ホスルセケォタ蠑?ヘ。」セ#12539;タ袵ツラ陦」</ p>

オ「クホヨミスヘラhホス・オヘラh牾ルcメナワ寥#12539;達。」オ「ンxオヘネ?閼゙イュシ?ヘ・ユ苛往匈タラ閾イ?テラИ蟾?クホオヘ皿㎎尽クY・ヘ靜ス・オヘ蘆タOルnツノ・オヘラhニヘー」ケォヘァ讙タヒラh・ホスメセソヤチwンS・サユモm?ノh?┬キスウ。」酢ヒキ・ルnツユ#12539;」゙オヘネ┨ルオ」メレモ霏#12539;」</ p>

イナシーヌ#12539;キア゜スォシ簽霏#12539;タ袮hケク捷ソ戦匿袮h?イュラh?ヨ獵嚏Jシ?ネヤニ扱カオ・モ#12539;?f扱ヒキ・タ衵g。」ホス締ミオヨiヨv・キ粃ネメ匏#12539;テレ羈タ袵イケク捷メZソヤ・ミチ?ロユ諾サ・。」カマ頗蟾┃ラhマラヨナ?狗ヒ]ラhキアリヒスォ爲猩ンdクサ・カマリコ猩狗ヒ]ラhコラエー#12539;ミ閼Mキア達ユリラ顰Oカマ・モ道ムコッラhニ味」 [ネ┨ルオ」メレモ霏#12539;」゙タ蜈R蘯ケネ?キ〃ネ・タ褊得フ猩ケォ蟾・ルxネc・リ榿ワメ蝪」</ p>

オテフ・・ヘァミチ狗ハマコニロ達タ#12539;オヘ達メニラ#12539;サユテレ羈オヘメ#12539;オヘ酬??達メニラh。」帶フ・齔?ノ醯hホスイナオヘラhケクフ#12539;ネcヨ・チホ・オヘ酢瞽?ラhサヨヘォ・ロヘオヘ礦ハァ。」</ p>

?諾ラh?纂ハコミオ・・。」オヘユヘンdエhシ簑ョ・ウヨラヤカヲ従スカテラ。」ツタホス猩帶キスラhシ簑ョ・テレ羈オヘメ芝アコヴイュシ?ヘ・オベネオ」皹オoオヘハマムaエサ・シーテシfミgラhシ簑ョ・」゙蟾鷹メ蟾ア・ヤ裔賁ァラhメサマャ」。」エメクゥオヘラhスォシ簫rメラオヘラh?スヨセテ・タヒノ「ホッ酵キオテリルnオヘラhケクフhエテ・ヘR蘯蘆タアカマハマケヲマラhソヤ?礦ハァラhケクフ」</ p>

テレ羈?〃ユ晶u下堺モ狒゚キ#12539;カマハマリイヨvオヘケネ┠ヘラhホ」チミイナメpリイリ憖n帶狗シェ</ p>

ヘァ'蟾fケクフリ隠瞽ヌェフルウヌ。」蟾オ閻「驥ヨマ・キ粃ネ狗?オヘラhスォシ籏hコネネレ。」テチナ郛ナラhセ」・オヘスヘラhケクフル・・??マ鱧bタヘ?fチ贈」オテフ・・?`哽ザセ獅ムモオヘラhホスラhf?・マ#12539;オヘラhホスオヘミチ?`T?ムモ。」蟾ソ戦銅wチムラhヒIラhセラ羈ル沼ヌ・ベセ湿筝ワ・ハマ転オヘラhメセユI。」?マ。ラhリリ#12539;オヘミチ??ハマ・ニr礦ハァラh緻ニ」ソリ蠍ラhヒ]?・?fキア?サッ?サッ・ヘ|皿諾サ・ヘァラhケクフS漣。」</ p>

゚ウユュオ「fキアテ{猩メセラhミJスォケホ・サユカフ猩恊シトラhムモノケス「fケォfキアラhソ゚貔。」</ p>

ホgフヘ・下ケクフhノラヨナ・オヘハマソ゚・・テレ羈オヘメエ巷・オヘソ説ヘ180露?ムモオヘラhケクフ」</ p>